Snurfin' – Jacob Yosowitz

Solid Core Board

Material: Reclaimed barn wood plank. Beech wood (I think).


  1. Bought wood from craigslist dude
  2. Design shape for board, make template, cut wood to shape
  3. Plane surface. A LOT. Wood was too thick, so needed to be thinned out
  4. Shape profile of board to slight rocker in process of thinning it out
  5.     - what is "profile" and "rocker" ? Here's some helpful info.
  6. Shape edges. Spooned nose for flow through deep fluffy snow. Sharpens out through tail to give rider control in turn initiation
  7. Fill old nail holes on base with hardening wood filler
  8. Smooth it out. Fine grit sandpaper
  9. Drill holes, hammer in dowel, cut to height to create stomp pads
  10. One coat marine sealer, Two coats finish. Waterproofed and ready to ride sucka!